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PanAmerican Univeristy - Nevis

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We must give thanks to technology that allows the world of indigenous and traditional medicines to reach out globally, providing the world with the most affordable and practical medicine - education.

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last updated Jan. 2018

Our Mentoring Degree Programs

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We offer two basic venues of online education:

1. Diploma Programs. These courses are completed entirely online. Courses are successfully completed within the specified course outline required for graduation, upon finishing all courses within the Course Block, candidate is issued a final Diploma from the Registrar's office. Preliminary Online Application

2. Degree Programs: Online courses are completed within the specified course outline required for graduation while tasks and time completions are monitored and supplemented by regional PanAm graduates - 'mentors'. Our Mission is to inspire and equip low-income students to become health care professionals through vocation (their call to God), academic enrichment, leadership development, civic engagement and mentoring programs.

3. Our third venue is the Monastic Medical Degree program beginning with our Licentiate and ending with our Doctorate and Title of Nobility. This program requires dedication, mentorship and residency requirements. College and post-baccalaureate students join a community of compassionate health care clergy as they study online, shadow mentors, research from the sacred texts, and learn from professionals.

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How to Enroll

Preliminary Online Application

Students can audit, study for academic diplomas, or engage in Degree Programs. The above link starts the process.

Sample Residency Experiences